Planned Breeding's for 2018..We do live in Florida but we do ship our pups Via Airline, ground shipping Or we can meet anyone up to 800 Miles one way..There is a shipping fee,  Shipping charges are separate from the price of the puppy and prices are posted on the Puppy Shipping Page of the site. 

A lot of new exciting things are in store for Oregon Malamutes in 2018 We are changing things up, adding new lines and going to be doing things differently from here on out. 

Waiting List

Oregon Malamutes

Tim Oreilly (M)

Lee Lee Schill (F)

Rachel Carroll (F)

Elizabeth Ray( F)

Ashley Brown 

Alyssa Luczak 

Michael R 

Inka has come into heat 7/5/18 will be pairing her and Tank in a few weeks... . A waiting list has been started. NO BREEDING RIGHTS ON THIS LITTER!