I started my Malamute Journey in 2000, researching pedigrees and looking at the Malamutes that caught my eye. I knew I wanted to raise Malamutes but never did I imagine finding a full registered Malamute would be so hard. I decided if I couldn't find a full registered Malamute I at least wanted a Malamute yes, even if he/she had to be altered. I talked to many breeders finding out most were down right cruel and mean... Today I can understand why they felt  the way they did. I know through my years of raising the Mals I have made many mistakes and wish I could go back in time and redo a lot of how I did things. But I can't so its time to move forward.. Anyhow back to my beginning.....Since I couldn't find a baby with full rights as they were pretty much unheard of back than,  I found a puppy from Deschutes Alaskan Malamutes.   I got my first purebred boy in 2003 Gizmo (picture on the Contact me Page)..... I never gave up looking for full registry though, I looked for several years before I found a breeder who opened her heart to me- However I talked to her several times before she finally agreed my home was a perfect fit for one of her Malamutes. Angel Lobo from Charmed Ones Kennels.   I got my first full registered Malamute Chief in 2005. I had my first litter in 2008 and so my journey started. 

Due to unforeseen circumstances with family I had to place my babies in new homes. ( Life seems to be fighting me with this dream and still does to this day 2020). OK back to life...  I moved from out of the city into the city due to the house I was living in selling- got complaints and placed the kids in new homes. One of the gentlemen i placed the dogs with and I became good friends and started seeing each other.  I moved in with him and thought everything was perfect. I got to acquire more of the lines  researched, and I loved. ( You can see many of those dogs on the Past Dog page).  I was with him from 2010 to the end of 2014, beginning 2015 . Life changed drastically.  We grew apart, had different goals and dreams so that ended.  I had 20 Malamutes that I had than, some I acquired from amazing amazing breeders and some I  kept from my litters.. It was hard placing them. Some stayed with my ex he started his own kennel, some went to other breeders, some I placed in pet homes,  and very few came with me . Was a pretty depressing part of life.   

The end of  2015 I started talking to a family friend who has known me since I was like 3 years old. He is 8 years older than i am. We talked and talked and talked . He lived in Florida. so mid 2016 I found myself moving to Florida with the dogs I had and started life with my now husband August 4th 2016 was our wedding day.  We had 2 acres in Florida so made it easy to get a few more lines (Although if i knew than what was going to happen I would of just kept the 5 I had).   

2018 my soul boy (Bear) crossed the rainbow bridge- He took a large chunk of my heart with him the day he left me... 

In 2019 We moved back to Idaho - we got hit pretty hard by the Hurricane Michael and I decided I did not want to live in Florida much longer. I called the city and county here in Idaho where we live and they assured me the dogs were fine and there was no limits, etc. Well i was given misleading information and due to neighbor complaints in 2020 I was forced to yet again place my babies in new homes.  County ordinance you can not have anymore than 5 dogs! So that was very devastating.... I placed 6 in  new loving homes. I still get to see them and know they are well loved but my heart still hurts so much!!!  Now that is is August of 2020 I find my mind and my heart playing tug away. to Continue or not. Here it is!!!   I am going to try and continue my journey with the Malamutes. I have to make some changes and I will. But even as far as pedigrees and dogs go I wont only change things here but also how I run things with Oregon Malamutes and treat my babies and the people who contact me.  Here is to New Books, New Beginnings, New Goals and Plans.  Lets hope the latter part of 2020 is better than the first part of it.... and hope that Oregon Malamutes can live on! Because of this is why I started the page Numbers 4 to 6 because of my luck in this dream of mine I will no longer get big again. I will only have the amount of babies I can haul in one  vehicle and take with me wherever life leads next.