*PUPPY PRICE $1000 with AKC limited registration NO BREEDING RIGHTS.... All puppies Must be paid for by 7wks of age and I must have the contract in hand and all monies paid up front before Any puppy leaves my home. .

Deposits are $500 and does go toward the total price of the puppy. Remaining balance must be paid in full and contract must be received with landlords signature,  before any puppy leaves My home. If puppy is to be shipped all shipping money must be received before any pup leaves my home.

The price of the puppy includes well check from my vet; collar; leash; bowls, a toy; simple grooming kit, pickup poo bags, puppy packet; AKC Limited Registry (No Breeding Rights) upon proof of spay/neuter; small blanket,   first two vaccinations; series of de-wormings; small sample of puppy food I feed, limited health guarantee, and a life long commitment from me to you!

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While Malamute puppies are cute; cuddly; adorable; and loving please do NOT buy on impulse. Please study the breed. Do your research. There are many places on line that hav Malamute information; you can also check the Malamute Information page on my site.  Malamutes can be stubborn, and destructive aside from the above, cute, adorable, loving, cuddly.... ( I have holes in my yard, I've been through several chairs, and  couches)  they love to help with the landscaping...  

Malamutes love to be with their people. The are active dogs but do not necessarily have to be pulling a sled or a dry land cart . Malamutes just plain love being near their people. They love camping; hiking; and carrying packs. Malamutes love a job but they love being part of your world too, just laying at your feet or on your lap. Make a Malamute your world they will make you theirs. Malamutes are very smart and can be trained to do about anything asked of them. : ) If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask, I am here for anyone who wants to learn about the Malamute breed. Thank you for stopping by!

                       NO PUPPIES AVAILABLE AT THIS TIME 


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Once the puppies are born I will be collecting the $500 deposit via certified bank check, or Cash. I will email over the contract to each potential puppy buyer, that must be printed out in its entirety. All the necessary spots in the contract must be filled out,and the contract must be notarize. Once this is complete, the contract in its entirety (meaning every page), must be sent back to the Breeder/Seller. Failure to send the contract in its entirety,filled out and notarized will forfeit your spot on the waiting list. Breeder/Seller gives each potential new home, five (5) days to get the contract and deposit sent back to Breeder/Seller. If the deposit and contract is not in Breeder/Sellers care within the five day period the potential puppy buyer forfeits their spot on the list.