I am by no means a geneticist when it comes to coat colors and eye color or skin pigment in the Alaskan Malamute. . However there is a discrepancy on eye color. Can Malamutes have blue eyes? There are a lot of post on line, and on Facebook about If a Malamute has blue eyes they are not purebred. Not true.. I actually bred Inka and Buck and got a blue eyed pup.  Both Inka and Buck are AKC registered Alaskan Malamutes. 

AKC States Blue Eyes are a Disqualification fault. It does not once state that it never happens or they are not purebred. Scroll down this page, I have pictures of the blue eyed boy and what AKC states to his hu-mom.

If you look at the history of the Malamute, long ago before Malamutes were even registered, they were becoming extinct, it is stated that people would breed Malamutes to wolves, huskies, shepherds and St. Bernard's to keep the breed going. The pups that exhibited more Malamute traits were kept for breeding purposes and the other pups were either killed or altered and used for working. Again this was years ago before the Malamutes were ever registered.  I believe that this is where the splash coats and blue eyes play a role into the Malamutes....

Please if you see a breeder saying Blue Eye'd Malamutes are not  purebred they are just in some way bashing other breeders. Fact is , It is a recessive gene that pops up from time to time. 

When you look on line don't believe everything you hear or see. Malamutes CAN have blue eyes (Titan is living proof). Just uncommon and yes it is an AKC disqualification (meaning the Malamute can not compete in AKC events). Please Do your research and don't just take one persons opinion and thoughts on the breed! In fact There was a kennel  in Washington who had a red Malamute female with one green and one blue eye, that pup too was purebred and AKC registered. 

Saying a Malamute can't have blue eyes or a splash coat is like saying they can't get over 85 pounds, again someones thoughts on what a Malamute should be.  AKC standard is just a persons opinion on what the breed conformation should be and than they made it as a rule of thumb. Malamutes come in many sizes, shapes due to their past, their family tree (their lines) and recessive genes popping up.

I am by no means writing this because I've had splash coats and a blue eyed pup I am writing this to help educate people. Please always do research before you take one breeders word at things. Most of the time breeders are cut throat and will bash another breeder just for a puppy sale when in reality we should ALL be working for one goal to BETTER the breed and help it come back as what it is bred for!!!! 

My Breeding between Inka and Buck was everything I was hoping for as far as size and structure goes. The pups to me have a longer head than I like but that too may be due to slower maturing lines. The lack of pigment in the pups is not recommended therefore I will NEVER do that breeding again- I learned a lot from that litter. Each breeder breeds for different goals in mind. Some breed just to breed, some breed to give their heart to others, Some breed for size, structure, temperament. Every breeding is a crap shoot. A breeding can pull many things out in a litter depending on the recessive genes that do pop up.. 

Scroll down for pictures and more information. 

Subject: Customer inquiry: Individual dog registration

Name: Casey Calhoun

Email: serenityvalleymalamutes@live.com

Date: Dec-08-2017 - 12:35 AM

Subject: Individual dog registration

Comment: I got an Alaskan Malamute pup who has been confirmed purebred, from a purebred litter. Due to the uneven marking "splash" gene, he has retained his blue eyes. I know this disqualifies from show, does it also disqualify him from registration, or can I still register him?

Hello Casey,

Thank you for contacting the American Kennel Club. You may still register your dog with the AKC with official ownership papers.

Best regards,

Jill, CSR23
AKC Customer Service Representative

Ideally the darker the eyes the better in the Alaskan Malamute.  The splash gene (spotting gene) has an adverse effect on the Malamute pigment color.  This spotting gene depletes the pigment of the color leaving the eyes different shades of amber, to yellow and in Titan's (shown above) case the pigment is not there. I will be posting different shades of eye color here on this page. The red gene also has an adverse effect on the pigment color as well.