WHITE: both guard hairs and undercoat are white. Often cream color is evidence. The white is the only solid color  allowed

The two websites listed above have great information on Malamute color. You can also find more information on line as well.. Don't let your research stop here.

RED: There are different shades in the Malamute. The red Malamute has light points either white or cream. No black factor evident even in the eyes line, lips line and nose.

SEAL AND WHITE:  black or blacked tipped guard hairs with white or cream undercoat. Dog appears black at a distance, but is not a true black because of the light undercoat.

BLACK AND WHITE: black guard hair with black or dark grey undercoat

GRAY AND WHITE: gray guard hairs with a light gray, cream, or white undercoat. No red factor is evident. Dog definitely appears gray, even though there may be some black hairs on the top line.

NO EXAMPLE AT THIS TIME..  you can go online and look at the different examples.

SABLE AND WHITE: black or gray guard hairs with a reddish undercoat and red trimmings. Both black and red factor evident.

SILVER AND WHITE: light gray guard hair with white undercoat

BLUE AND WHITE: where the colored portions of the coat and skin appear gray instead of black, including pigmentation on nose, lips and eye rims

NO EXAMPLES AT THIS TIME.. you can go online and look at the different examples. .

AGOUTI AND WHITE: (Puppy): Muddy colored with sooty face and tiny white or cream-colored eyebrows.Many agouti pups appear all black or very dark gray at birth with only hints of white. White markings increases as they age.

(Adult): Heavily banded coat with full mask and bar with light circles around the eyes. Not all agouti malamutes keep the muddy appearance they have as puppies. It can be difficult to distinguish some agouti adults from gray and white as the dark color, particularly on the face,can fade with time. 

<<<<<<CAP: a cap of color covers the top of the head
and ears usually coming to a point in the
center of the forehead

<<<<<<OPEN FACE: a cap covering the top of the head and no
other markings on the face.

<<<<< BLAZE: a white mark extending from the center point
of the cap back up the forehead. Width and
length can vary

<<<<< STAR: a small white spot in the center of the

<<<<<<EYE SHADOW: dark markings under the eyes but not extending
out to the cap

<<<<< GOGGLES: dark areas under the eyes and extending sideways
to the cap

<<<<<< BAR: a dark area extending from the center point
of the cap down the nose

.<<<<< MASK: the combination of cap and goggles

<<<<<<<FULL MASK: the combination of cap, goggles and bar

<<<<<<< CLOSED FACE: dark coloring covering the face with no
distinct markings on the face.

<<<<<<< EAGLE: two bands of dark color protruding partially
across the chest, forming a pattern resembling
the eagle emblem

<<<<<< WHITE CHEST: any necklace across the chest

<<<<<<< NECKLACE: a curving band of dark color across the chest

 <<<<<<< COLLAR: a white band of color encircling the neck

<<<<<<< WITHERS SPOT: a white mark varying in size but centered
on the withers or at the base of the neck