I have been trying to find information as I have not been around the Husky much and upon reading on line I came across this website


I took this picture off line to show you what the difference was. This is not my picture but I got it off this website advocacy.britannica.com.

My boy Bear a red and white Malamute male -picture taken in 2010

This  is coming from one of my puppy hu-parents who has owned both a Husky and Malamute......

Here’s the biggest things that I saw different between Matix and Timber.

Both malamutes and huskies have the potential to be absolutely loving cuddle
bugs.  However, there are some major personality difference worth
noting.  Living with both a malamute and husky has shown me that
appearance and love for snow seems to be the only thing that these dogs
can be compared on.

Running and Escaping:  Siberian Huskies are
runners.  There is no other way to put it.  Having a husky is
challenging if you enjoy off leash activities.  I think its safe to say
these dogs can be too smart for their own good.  When given the
opportunity and a split second, these dogs are prone to taking off. 
They don’t just roam nearby, they literally cover miles.  Their sense of
direction is absolutely remarkable, and after being gone for hours
(sometimes days) they always find their way home unless picked up by
another individual.  They are also notorious for being escape artists. 
No size fence can contain a husky who wants to be on the other side. 
Wether digging, pulling boards off fences, or jumping, these dogs can
get out of just about anything.  I can’t even begin to add the amount of
hours spent searching for him, or the amount of times my husky ran
away.  My husky has also jumped through a screen window twice.   
Unlike my husky, my malamute never loses sight of us.  She does enjoy
playing keep away from time to time, but it’s within a matter of feet,
not completely taking off.  Independence and Selective Hearing: 
Although my husky was an absolute ham in the house, he was also very
independent.  Our malamute spends more time being social with the
family, where when the husky was over it, he kept to himself.  I feel
malamutes are a much more family oriented dog.  Our malamute is far more
social with other dogs as well, while the husky will be exploring the
dog park versus hanging out with dogs, and will look at you and keep
running away when called.

Size:  There is the obvious size difference between a malamute and a husky.  A large male husky can run
around 75 pounds, compared to their 150 large male malamute

Exercise:  Although anyone getting a malamute
should be willing to exercise daily, it has been obvious to me that the
endurance of a husky far surpasses that of a malamute.  I think it’s
safe to say that huskies require a significant amount more of VIGOROUS
exercise compared to a malamute.  Long walks on a leash won’t even
scratch the surface of their energy expenditure.Diet:  Siberian
Huskies do require less calories and food than a malamute for obvious
reasons like size, but also because they are designed to work for long
periods of time without rest (for example, long distance dog sledding).

Huskies get bored very easily.  Their high energy level and smart wits
makes this breed a challenging house dog.  If under exercised they can
be very destructive and more prone to escaping.  I have experienced
first hand that our malamute enjoys lounging time as much as we do.  Overall,
both dogs are spectacular animals.  However, like all dogs but even
more so with huskies, if considering a husky, you would be doing the dog
a disservice if unable to meet their exercise requirements.  That is
when they are truly the happiest.My 1 1/2 year old malamute has
better recall and off leash skills than my husky did at the age of 8. 
It wasn’t until he was about 7 that he was SOMETIMES reliable off leash,
and not until he was about 9 that he could be trusted.  Still, as a
senior dog, he wouldn’t always come when called and would sometimes take
off during hikes or outdoor time, returning on his own terms. 

This is Matrix he was owned by one of my puppy huparents he want to heaven 2016.

 ORIGIN:  United States of America
 Siberia  North America     
 Playful, Devoted, Loyal, Friendly, Affectionate, Laid back, Works when suits them.
 Outgoing, Alert, Gentle, Intelligent, Hyper, Full of energy
 Skid-dish, Adaptable, Playful, Curious, Affectionate, Super sensitive
 COLOR:  Seal Sable, Gray, Agouti, Black, Blue, White, Red (different shades),

*There is a coat pattern that is recessive in the Malamutes known as splash coat what my Inka and Buck are. Yes, they are purebred and yes they are AKC registered.

 Black, Red, Sable and Splash
 Black, Gray, White (not pure white as in seen in dogs), Brown, Silver, Blonde, Reddish/Orange
 NEVER blue, brown, or a lighter brown color. Often times eyes will appear green or blue when younger but will always turn a shade of brown.
 Bi-Eyed - on brown one blue eye, Both eyes can also be  Brown, and Blue
 Amber brown or Gold Not blue
 WEIGHTS:  Males


There is a giant Classification in the Malamutes NOT A DIFFERENT BREED or SPECIES just a different size anything over AKC standard in weight is considered a giant.

I have heard of some Huskies being heavier than the weights mentioned above

 HEIGHTS:  Males
24-26 inches

22-24 inches

The giant classification is anything over the AKC standard in height.

20-22 inches

I have heard of Huskies being taller in height than listed above.
 25-32 inches

I am sure different species of Wolves will range in height