I am hoping to find information on helping people who are having issues with their Malamutes ears standing.. I have found a few websites that have information on them pertaining how to help the ears stand.. Don't let your research stop here, there are so many ways of doing things.

Taping Ears

There are some lines in the Malamute breed that carry
the down ears, Some pups just grow to fast and the cartilage in their ear
just isn't strong enough to stand..  I am hoping to find information
so it will help others who have down ear pups to get those ears up
the way they need to be........

 <<<<<<<Elizabeth Sommers from Blue Mountain Malamutes ways of taping a dogs ears, getting them to stand : Take two pieces of duct tape... run one piece of tape across the front of both ears then the second piece across the back of the ears. press the tape on the ears and at the ends plus press in the center. If it is just one ear then do just one ear. Since your dog is a little older... I
assume.. leave the tape on for ten days. Then remove if the ears are up.. leave
the tape off. if they are not .. re tape for another ten days. Give your dog
Knoxx gelatin you can find it at Walmart.. in the jello section.. pour one
packet over dogs food each day for until the dogs ears are standing without the
tape for a couple of months. Good Luck! This does work about 98 percent of the
time for me.. I have been doing this for many years.
This can be quite the process and may even take months dont give up..!!!!

You can also put in moleskin before taping the ear- gives the ear more
support.. Older dogs will take longer then puppies for their ear(s) to stand so
give it time.. One breeder www.summitmalamutes.com
Lisa her boy Ruckus was 10mo before she started taping his ears.. It took

There are many different ways to tape ears, another breeder Rachelle of Willow
Creek www.willowcreekmalamutes.com on her Malamute
Health page has an extensive way to tape a Malamutes ears..  Check it out
Lots to learn :)