Pedigrees, Registration, and Papers

What is a Pedigree? A Pedigree is a dogs family tree documented by AKC (The American Kennel Club). It is a dogs heritage: sire, dam, grandparents, their parents and so on.


What are AKC Registration papers?  

Documented papers given by AKC  once a puppy buyer fills out the puppy application
the breeder gives them. These papers prove that a puppy is
purebred and registered thru AKC (The American Kennel Club).

What does Limited and Full Registry mean, What is
the difference

Full Registry simply means that breeding rights are given
on a particular puppy. This means the dog that is given full registry can 
be bred and his/her offspring can be registered thru AKC (American Kennel
Club. The puppy sold with breeding rights can be show in conformation classes.

Limited Registry simply means that no breeding rights are given on a
particular puppy. The puppy however can still be registered thru AKC. Limited registry
simply means that if bred the puppies from a limited registered dog cannot be
registered thru AKC. Most breeders will have the puppy buyer sign a
contract/agreement that the dog must and will be altered. These offspring can not be shown in conformation events.

What are Bloodlines?

Bloodlines: bloodlines make a dog what it is. Any conformation traits a dog has is due to its bloodlines. Bloodlines are made up of good and bad qualities such as
(health issues, structure, etc.)  The bloodlines consist of the sire, dam,
and grandparents and so on AKA pedigree.