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Please check the  Malamute Info page on my site. I am trying to add as much information I can so potential Malamute hu-parents can learn about the Malamute breed. There is still so much that I need to learn myself as a breeder the knowledge never ends. Please don't let your research end here  Thank you for stopping by :)

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Just for fun,  and Not sure how accurate it is.....  Do you want to see what your baby should weigh as an adult. Check this out.. http://www.puppychart.com 

We do offer a 10% Military Discount with Military ID proof. .

                WE WELCOME YOU WITH OPEN PAWS!!!!!

My dogs  range from 100-140 pounds and my grand pups range from about 90 to 170 pounds. I don't claim to have the biggest and best although each of my babies is a huge part of my everyday life and world. They impact every moment of my days, but I wouldn't have it any other way. The lines here at Oregon Malamutes include,  Wakons, Sandia, Smokey Mountain, Moonridge, Towbar, to name a few. Hoping for new amazing things for my future with Oregon Malamutes. Let the journey continue and the new beginnings begin !!!

Malamutes are a huge commitment, so please please do your homework before ever considering bringing a Malamute puppy or adult into your home.  There are so so many breeders and puppies out their now  a days and many Malamutes are homeless or needing re-homed due to changes in their humans lives. Even through the years of raising them, I am still learning. I am trying to add as much as I can to my website for anyone wanting a Malamute . Pros and Cons of owning them,  raising them etc. I have created an Information Page on the website for anyone looking.  I don't take  breeding lightly, as it is a HUGE commitment. You will notice I only have one to two litters a year. I do not ever want to get big and loose the heart I have for the breed.. I want my pups to find homes that will love and cherish them throughout their  whole lives. However, I know this too can change PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT WANT MY PUPS RE-HOMED WITHOUT  PERMISSION FROM ME, OR EVER PUT IN RESCUE OF SHELTER OF ANY KIND, I want to always know where they are. 2020 is a year to regroup, rethink, change things. So please bare with me as I redo many things on my site and with my babies! If for any reason you can not keep your little one from me, call me , text me, email me, I will take the little one back and/or if for any reason I can't take the little one back, I will  help you re-home him or her!

I started an Information Page on this website to help anyone who wants to learn about the Malamute.  However Please do Not let your research end here.  One thing I have learned being owned by Malamutes "what works for one person may not work for another." 

2011, Many of the kids in this picture are not with me any longer due to changes in life. 

I do have planned breeding's for November 2020...   Waiting list Started.